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"All Things Art Department"

I designed the sets for this spot showcasing Instylers newest product the Tulip.

Hasbro Game Channel Spot we built the “institute” for.  This is the first of several spots we shot, the set included an oversized nose sculpture, lots of high tech props and elements, some oversized game pieces and lots of bacon.  Dilated Pixels produced, Marcus Wagner Directed and Timothy Burton shot it.  

From the shop to location.

Here is a spot we did the set for.  A had a lot of fun working with the gang at Big Machine on this one.

Finishing touches on a little fitness set.

Finishing touches on a little fitness set.

A couple of sets we put up this week.

Here is our latest reel.

We built this kitchen and provided all the special effects as practical in camera elements. Lots of fun making this work.

I was the Production Designer on this Sony Crackle original series entitled Sequestered.  We had a lot of fun building and shooting this 12 episode thriller.  The hotel was a complete stage build, we also built several smaller sets and dressed several practical locations.